An Inconvenient Engagement is the first in a series of three. Sir William Strathom has done his duty to his family, securing an engagement to a lady with a dowry. It’s not exactly a love match, but the marriage will fulfill his late father’s dreams. But while awaiting the upcoming nuptials at his country house, Tredwell Abbey, in the village of Lytchley, a chance encounter threatens to upend William’s plans. Who knew a poor country girl could ignite the sparks his fiancée does not?

Orphaned Eliza Denham lives in impoverished gentility in Lytchley. She loves her friends, but expects nothing more than the same darling village, same comfortable life, same predictable future. A chance encounter and timely assistance of the handsome baronet in rescuing a dog sets Eliza’s heart aflutter. But another woman already stands between them.

When William’s fiancée arrives in Lytchley, the scene is set for a showdown. Eliza’s having a hard time hiding her feelings for William, in spite of his mixed signals. No matter the growing attraction between them, William cannot fall in love with one woman when he is bound by honor to another. Will he follow his own dreams, and his heart, or risk the scandal and throw away his family’s future by breaking an inconvenient engagement?