George Strathom is the second son of a first baronet with very little to his name. To succeed in life, he must marry well. However, he didn’t plan to fall in love with a girl so totally beyond his reach. Henrietta Darrow lives the elegant life of a viscount’s only daughter. But when the only eligible bachelor in town marries, she is left with no choice but to join the London Season. Soon she is swept up into an exhausting round of balls and banquets in search of a beau – and not just any beau, but one to make her parents proud. Unfortunately, her heart is already lost to the second son of a first baronet.Separated by circumstances, they are forced into the heartless grind of the London Season. There, they dance a fine line between Henrietta’s sense of duty and George’s pride. Will love conquer all, or will they both end as casualties of London’s high society?