The Honorable Reginald Darrow has never had much of a reason to grow up, until his father purchases a commission in the cavalry for him and packs him off to war. He must work hard to keep his wits about him and survive the privations of army life. But all he wants is to go home and marry the girl of his dreams–Penelope!Penelope Pratt lives in modest gentility with her father Aloysius–an honorable merchant. Life in Lytchley is all she has ever wanted, that is until Reggie is sent far from home to face the dangers of war in Spain. When she hears he is wounded in a hospital in Portugal, she must choose between her heart and her reputation.Together, they fight for love in the unfriendly eyes of their families and friends. Will true love conquer all, or has the ugly face of war come too far between them.