Catch A Captain’s Heart

Catch A Captain’s Heart: A Sweet Regency Romance

by Grace Colline

Captain Desmond Coulter knew there was something wrong with the newest cabin boy—but he didn’t expect to find a girl in disguise. Now they are miles out to sea, and he is quickly becoming captivated by her warm smiles and vivid green eyes.

Eleanor Warburton knew only that she had to escape her father, the admiral’s, clutches and his terrifying plan to marry her to the most illustrious suitor. Now he is threatening to bring forth his mistress and humiliate her mother…what is she to do? Her heart sees only the captain of the Tempest as a possible husband.

Caught between honor and duty, the pair struggle to find a way to be together. But will they fall prey to the admiral’s plots or find a way to escape his grasp?