An Inconvenient Engagement was a finalist for the 2019 Maggie Awards

An Inconvenient Engagement: A Regency Romance

Sir William has it all—including a wealthy heiress he barely knows as his new fiancée. But once he arrives home in the little village of Lytchley, all his best laid plans seem destined to be overthrown when he meets Miss Eliza Denham.

Poverty doesn’t bother Eliza, but loneliness might. Being caught between two worlds leaves her no one to love…until the local baronet returns home and bumps into her one afternoon. He is gracious and kind, and her heart is quickly taken. But another woman already stands between them.

When William’s fiancée arrives in town, the scene is set for a showdown. Will he follow his own dreams, and his heart, or risk the scandal and throw away his family’s future by breaking an inconvenient engagement?

An Inconvenient Heart

Henrietta Darrow lives the elegant life of a viscount’s only daughter. But when the only eligible bachelor in town marries, she is left with no choice but to join the London Season. Soon she is swept up into an exhausting round of balls and banquets in search of a beau – and not just any beau, but one to make her parents proud. Unfortunately, her heart is already lost to the second son of a baronet.

Separated by circumstances, they are forced into the heartless grind of the London Season. There, they dance a fine line between Henrietta’s sense of duty and George’s pride. Will love conquer all, or will they both end as casualties of London’s high society?

An Inconvenient War

Penelope Pratt lives in modest gentility with her father Aloysius–an honorable merchant. Life in Lytchley is all she has ever wanted, that is until Reggie is sent far from home to face the dangers of war in Spain. When she hears he is wounded in a hospital in Portugal, she must choose between her heart and propriety.

Together, they fight for love in the unfriendly eyes of their families and friends. Will true love conquer all, or has the ugly face of war come too far between them.

Moonlight Promise

Moonlight Promises: A Regency Novelette

Charlotte has everything she could ever want, including a handicapped young brother who is the apple of her eye. Her aunt, however, is harsh with both she and her brother and is pressuring Charlotte into a match with the colonel. But she has already met the dashing captain and her heart is taken.

Together, the two must fight for the right to be together. Will they outwit Charlotte’s aunt or will she end up married to the colonel after all?

Catch A Captain’s Heart: A Regency Romance

Captain Desmond Coulter knew there was something wrong with the newest cabin boy—but he didn’t expect to find a girl in disguise. Now the Tempest is miles out to sea, and he is quickly becoming captivated by her warm smiles and vivid green eyes. It’s more and more difficult to think of her going back to London without him…

Eleanor Warburton knew only that she had to escape her father, the admiral’s, clutches and his terrifying plan to marry her to the most illustrious suitor. She had been willing to do anything, even disguise herself and sneak aboard a random ship. But now her father is threatening to bring forth his mistress and humiliate her mother…what is she to do? To follow her heart means to destroy her mother—if only she could find a way to catch the captain and free herself at the same time.

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The Lady and the Lieutenant

Lady Anne Debenham is expected to wed the heir to the neighboring estate. But the younger brother holds her heart. How can she possibly earn Jamie’s love?

Jamie and Anne must struggle to find a way to each other. But will war and family secrets keep them apart?


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